A warm welcome: CosyFloor for hallways

A warm welcome: CosyFloor for hallways

Homeowners often put a lot of thought into choosing the best floorcovering for their home’s entrance hall, for a whole range of reasons.

The entrance hall is a part of the home that every visitor sees when they visit our homes. Since first impressions count, it’s an area where the style conscious want to make an impact.

But the importance of the entrance hall goes way beyond simple aesthetics.  The hallway is also one of the hardest-working areas of the home, with a lot of through traffic that makes its floorcoverings prone to wear and tear.  

The hallway also acts as a kind of buffer zone between the home and the great outdoors – particularly in fall and winter where rain, snow and debris tend to get tracked into the house. 

It’s vital that hallway floors tick the boxes on durability and ease of cleaning – but what homeowners also want is a hallway that feels warm and inviting, where they can slip off their shoes and step into the comfort of home – and that’s where CosyFloor comes in!

Step into comfort

As a flooring supplier, you’ve probably been asked countless times to recommend a hallway flooring solution that’s ultra-hardwearing without being hard and cold underfoot.  While tile is the obvious choice for durability, many homeowners opt for vinyl or laminate because it feels less cold.

But as a CosyFloor distributor, your customer doesn’t have to be limited in their choices – they can select almost any floorcovering they want, and still enjoy the benefits of a floor that is wonderfully welcoming, while also effortlessly handling the demands of hallway life.

Unlike hydronic underfloor heating, CosyFloor is an electric infloor heating system that’s installed on top of the subfloor.  This means it can be fitted as part of almost any flooring installation – simply lay the mats or cables in place, add your preferred brand of uncoupling membrane and a layer of thinset, and then install the floor covering as normal.  Our mats and cables are ultra thin, so in the majority of cases, there’s no need to worry about the finished floor height.  

While CosyFloor is suitable for whole-home heating, many people install it as a supplementary heat source – especially in areas of the home that tend to be cooler or experience drafts as is often the case with hallways.  

CosyFloor radiates gentle heat across the entire floor surface, eliminating drafts and cold spots and creating that welcoming feeling homeowners crave when they arrive home at the end of a long day – CosyFloor can even be operated using a WiFi thermostat controlled from their smartphone.  

CosyFloor is also fantastic for keeping floors dry – rain or snow that gets tracked onto a heated floor will dry up quickly for cleaner, safer hallways, which are a great selling point for families, pet owners and older homeowners alike.

So next time you get an enquiry about hallway flooring, why not ask if your customer has considered electric infloor heating – and introduce them to a whole new world of comfort!

For further information on CosyFloor products or to become a distributor, get in touch.

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