How in-floor heating can help homeowners save on energy bills

With much of Canada and USA enjoying warm summer weather right now, homeowners aren’t thinking about home heating – and rightly so!
But as energy costs continue to rise, the end of summer is likely to bring a lot of concern among North American households about how they will afford to heat their homes during the colder months, and whether they can do anything to reduce those costs.

So how can CosyFloor help?

One of the things we talk a lot about at CosyFloor is ‘zoned heating’ – the ability to heat individual rooms or spaces within the home. For people concerned about rising energy bills, the ability to heat only rooms that are in use at any given time could be a major benefit when it comes to managing energy costs.

CosyFloor is powered by electricity, which has historically been more expensive than oil or natural gas for home heating. But a global energy crisis triggered by the events in eastern Europe could well lead to a future where electricity – especially from renewable sources – may become the cheapest and most widely available energy resource on earth.
Even without factoring in the cost of fossil fuels, however, using CosyFloor to ‘zone’ home heating can save homeowners money through sheer efficiency, as well as making their homes more comfortable all year round. Here’s why:

It’s ultra-efficient

With CosyFloor, you only heat what you need, when you need it. Most home heating systems burn through thousands of dollars each winter blasting warm air into spaces where humans are not. If you work from home, for instance, you need heating in your office – but not the rest of the house. You might want to heat the living room or den in the evenings, or if you’ve got young children playing on the floor, without needing to heat the whole of upstairs too.
CosyFloor allows you to pick and choose where you heat and when. The system can be programmed to suit your home and lifestyle, so you can enjoy warm comfort without wasting money heating spaces that aren’t being used.

It’s more consistent

Depending on the design and aspect of your home, certain areas will heat up more quickly and cool down more slowly than others. Maybe there are attic rooms that get stuffy and hot, while that downstairs bathroom is always freezing. CosyFloor can help homeowners to mitigate for these natural variations in temperature by allowing them to adjust the temperature down in warm rooms, and up in spaces that tend to be chilly. The result is consistent heat throughout the home, which eliminates drafts and cold spots, and improves air quality in the process.

It’s perfectly tailored

It’s a fact of life that some people feel the cold, while others don’t. While one partner is always hitting that ‘boost’ button on the central heating, the other is switching it off again. Sound familiar?
CosyFloor can help solve the problem by allowing homeowners to adjust the heating in different rooms according to their personal preference, or the needs of their family. For instance, while adults can layer up with comforters and blankets in winter, babies and small children are safer and more comfortable sleeping with lighter covers in a warm room. By using a wifi thermostat, the user can even monitor and adjust the temperature remotely, for total peace of mind.

For now, home heating is far from most people’s minds, but when autumn arrives, it’s likely that people will be on the hunt for smarter, energy-efficient ways to help them stay warm all winter – and CosyFloor is an ideal solution.


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