Make that barefoot feeling last all year

Make that barefoot feeling last all year

Summer has finally arrived, and with it a welcome opportunity to shed all those winter layers and feel the warmth of the sun on bare skin, or gobarefoot around the house – is there any better feeling?

Hard floors are a hugely practical trend in modern living, but the arrival of summer really makes you think about how uncomfortably cold they are for a large part of the year, sending homeowners scurrying for socks, slippers and rugs to insulate against the icy cold of tile and stone.

Whilst in the heat of summer that cool feeling is refreshing under bare feet, during winter the cold temperature of a hard floor (particularly stone and marble) isn’t just freezing underfoot – it’s like having a giant ice cube in the room.  Cold floors cause the air above them to cool down, which means your central heating has to work even harder to warm the room.

But what if there was a way homeowners could enjoy the freedom of walking barefoot around the house all year round, with luxurious warmth in winter and refreshing coolness in summer?  What if they could supplement their central heating with a low-maintenance, energy-efficient system that would make it easier and more cost-effective to heat their home?


Of course, they can – with CosyFloor!

CosyFloor is an electric infloor heating system that is easy to install and compatible with virtually any floorcovering, including ceramic, marble and stone floors.  Cosyfloor sits on top of the subfloor, not underneath – so it’s not limited for use in new build properties and there’s no need for excavation work.  Simply install as part of any flooring renovation project, and enjoy a lifetime guarantee, for warm floors and complete peace of mind no matter what the season!


What is CosyFloor?

CosyFloor electric infloor heating comes in two formats: electric cables that are laid into fixing strips, and all-in-one mats with the cables already attached.  The cables are best suited to large or irregular-shaped rooms, while the mats are an ultra-convenient solution for smaller, square or rectangular spaces.  Whether you select the cables or the mats, you’ll benefit from European-manufactured technology with a lifetime guarantee, so you’ll never have to worry about digging up a floor to fix a heating problem!


What’s the benefit of CosyFloor?

Apart from warm floors and the luxury of walking barefoot all year round?  CosyFloor is powered by electricity so it’s a clean, green way to heat any home. It can be installed throughout the house, or in specific rooms or zones – bathrooms and kitchens are a popular choice.  CosyFloor offers complete flexibility, making sure homeowners don’t waste resources by heating spaces that are not in use, and providing that extra comfort for rooms that need it – for instance a family room where kids play on the floor, or a bathroom where the tiles tend to feel chilly. The system is controlled by a thermostat so it can be adjusted to suit each customer’s individual lifestyle – and can even be controlled remotely using a smartphone.


Does CosyFloor heat the whole room?

Yes! Infloor or underfloor heating is sometimes referred to as ‘radiant’ heat.  It turns the entire floor surface into a heat source that radiates heat upwards into the air, and eventually even warms other objects in the room, such as large pieces of furniture.  This means that unlike with a convection heating system, CosyFloor contributes to a much more steady, sustainable heat instead of a constant heating and cooling cycle that causes drafts and uses a lot of energy.


If you’d like to find out more about CosyFloor – or become a distributor and help your customers to enjoy that barefoot feeling all year round – get in touch!

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