Why choose CosyFloor?

Whether you are homeowner, installer or a distributer, our aim is to make everything easy for you.

We pride ourselves on our awesome customer service – give us a call during business hours, and you will get through to one of our experts right away. We don’t believe in automated answerphones, we know our customers appreciate being able to speak to a real human being.

So what else can you expect from CosyFloor?

Distributor benefits:

Our infloor heating products are sold as kits, which makes them easy to order and stock

Our attractive stocking discounts will increase your infloor heating sales and margins

CosyFloor offers a lifetime warranty, which gives you - and your customers – complete peace of mind

All official CosyFloor distributors receive complimentary sales support and training

Ideal for any room shape or layout

Easy to install product – your installations will be fast and easy

Our high-quality CosyFloor cable is manufactured in Europe

Need to quote for a custom project? Don’t worry - we can help you. It’s part of our service

Awesome customer service – did we mention we answer our phones?!

Installer benefits:

CosyFloor products are compatible with your favorite brands of uncoupling membrane

Our infloor heating products come with a lifetime warranty, for complete peace of mind

Did you know CosyFloor infloor heating is waterproof? That means a faster and hassle-free installation for you

Flexible cable spacing makes the job easier for you - choose between 2in, 3in, and 4in spacing

Although tile areas are the most common, CosyFloor can be installed under most types of floor covering

All in one box - our infloor heating comes as a kit, so ordering is simple

Circuit fault detector included in each kit - we like to make things easy for you

We thought we would mention our awesome customer service again! Give us a call during business hours - we promise we will answer.

CosyFloor mat and cable systems make it easy to lay heated flooring in any room of any size and configuration. Bring the ultimate comfort of warm feet into your home.

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