We recommend that you take the time to read our installation guide before installing our products in order to make sure that they are being installed and handled in such a way that you get the very best from CosyFloor products.

Frequently asked questions

We recommend leaving a buffer of 6in away from the walls, so work out your measurements using this as your guide. It’s important to measure carefully because if the heating cable or mat is too large it is not possible to cut off any excess – you will have to reorder.

We recommend a 3in spacing between cable runs. This ensures an even distribution of heat throughout the entire floor area.

The cold lead at the end of the heatmat or heating cable is 10ft (3m) long.

No. The heating should not be installed under any fixed objects, such as a bath, vanity unit or kitchen cabinet.

Yes, make sure that the yellow heating cable is positioned at least 6in (15cm) from any toilet wax rings.

Make sure you complete the warranty application form, or it will not be valid. Note that you will need a multi-meter to complete the required tests.

Yes, there are four important points:
1. Make sure the yellow heating cables NEVER touch.
2. Ensure you attach your circuit fault detector during floor installation as well as doing electrical resistance tests to the heating cable before, during and after installation.
3. Ensure the infloor heating cable or mat is completely embedded in thinset.
4. Don’t forget to install your thermostat heat sensor prior to covering your heating mat or cables in thinset.

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