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Experience the wonderful feeling of warmth beneath your feet with CosyFloor

CosyFloor mat and cable systems make it easy to lay heated flooring in any room of any size and configuration. Bring the ultimate comfort of warm feet into your home.

CosyFloor Mat Infloor Heating System20210424145056
CosyFloor Cable Infloor Heating System20210429093136
Thermostat Heat Sensor20210429093340
15A Dual Voltage Programmable Thermostat20210429093400
15A Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat20210429093420
15A Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat With WiFi20210429093443
Wire Repair Kit20210429093503
CosyFloor Circuit Fault Detector20210429093522
25′ Connection Cable (inc. connection kit)20210429093554
Cosyfloor Cable Fixing Strips (Pack of 20)20210429093616
Dual Voltage 15A Slave Unit20210429093637