CosyFloor: Dos and don’ts for installers

CosyFloor: Dos and don’ts for installers

One of our key objectives in developing CosyFloor was to make infloor heating simpler and more accessible for a wider range of people.

With conventional underfloor heating, there are miles of water pipes to install which means engaging a professional plumbing and heating contractor, and in most cases, installing at the build stage (unless you’ve got a burning desire to start excavating floors).

CosyFloor doesn’t need any of those things – the cables and mats are simple to install, you don’t need to dig up the floor, and an electrician can do the wiring in a small amount of time.  However, there ARE some things to bear in mind when installing the CosyFloor system, and over the years we’ve seen some real bloopers from experienced contractors who really should have known better!

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a guide to some of the key dos and don’ts for completing a successful CosyFloor install.


DON’T cut the cable!

This is one of those points that will have the electricians going “who on earth would do that?” – but you’d be surprised!  Builders and plumbers who don’t work with electrical cable every day are used to cutting things to fit, so accidents sometimes happen!  CosyFloor cables are a circuit.  You can’t cut them – ever – or the system won’t work.  Keep reading for tips on managing surplus cable.

DO adjust the spacing

We manufacture CosyFloor kits in a range of lengths to suit a wide range of room sizes – but on occasion, you’ll find you have more cable than you need.  The good news is, there’s a simple remedy – simply adjust the cable spacing so you use it all up!  Standard spacing for CosyFloor cables is every 3 notches on the fixing strips (which is 3 inches) but you can adjust this down to every two notches, or alternate every 2 then every 3, to avoid having excess cable at the end.  Also, by leaving a gap between the cables and the wall, you create a void around the perimeter of the room where excess cable can also be used up.

DON’T make crazy patterns

We get it – there’s a certain temptation when laying flooring cable to get creative with the design, especially in an awkwardly-shaped room.  But what starts as a cool design can quickly turn into a disaster if you aren’t able to keep the cable spacing even.  Spacing that’s too big or uneven can lead to the development of cold spots on the finished floor, so boring as it may be – even rows of straight lines are always the way to go.

DO pull the cables tight

This is another pointer that will seem like a no-brainer to most – but we’ve seen evidence that it’s not universally understood.  When you reach the end of one cable run and make a turn, it’s important to pull the cable tight, otherwise the loose cable will either be floppy or will stick up, making it impossible to apply thinset over the top before laying the finished floor.

DON’T use staples

CosyFloor cables should always be installed using CosyFloor fixing strips or a membrane which are both specifically designed to hold infloor heating cables in place without the need for additional fixings.  You should NEVER use staples, nails or any other kind of sharp fixings to hold CosyFloor cables in place.  These can compress, damage or even sever the cable during installation or over time, rendering it useless.

DO get in touch if you need help

Our commitment to customer service is simple: we answer our phones!  There’s no such thing as a silly question, so if you’re unsure about your CosyFloor installation or if you’ve got a problem you’re not sure how to solve, get in touch – our knowledgeable team will be happy to offer guidance and support.


For further information about CosyFloor products, get in touch – or click here to locate your nearest distributor.


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