Why your bathroom needs CosyFloor

Why your bathroom needs CosyFloor

The bathroom – especially in a family home – is one of the busiest rooms of the house.  It’s also one of the hardest working, which is why bathroom interiors have evolved over the years to become highly durable and of course, water resistant.

The result of this is that bathroom spaces are also often the coldest and most clinical areas within the home.  Tiled walls and floors, ceramic surfaces and glazing make bathrooms super easy to keep clean, but do little to entice bare feet on chilly winter mornings!

The majority of homeowners just accept this discomfort as the price they pay for having a durable, easy-care bathroom environment – and after all, this sleek, minimalist look remains firmly in vogue.  Others may try to inject a little comfort into the bathroom by adding mats and other textiles for actual warmth as well as a perceived sense of cosiness.    

But there’s a simple solution to freezing tiles – as well as a few other modern bathroom problems – and it’s CosyFloor!  

Bathrooms are the most common place for a CosyFloor system to be installed, for all the reasons we’ve just stated.  CosyFloor is easy to retrofit as part of any flooring upgrade – homeowners laying new tile or stone floors are often pleasantly surprised to discover that it can be quickly and easily installed at the same time as their new floorcovering, with no additional disruption.


A warm welcome 

The key benefit of having CosyFloor in the bathroom is obviously the appeal of a luxuriously warm floor at any time of year – making that early morning winter dash to the shower much less of an ordeal!  CosyFloor systems are controlled from a dedicated thermostat so the user can programme what time the system comes on, how warm it gets, and what time it goes off again for a completely bespoke heating solution that fits their home and lifestyle.


Efficient heating

Unlike traditional forced air heating systems, CosyFloor distributes the heat evenly throughout the bathroom space, so there are no drafts or cold spots.  It’s also much more energy-efficient, since a relatively low flooring temperature is enough to warm the room effectively.  As an added extra, you don’t need to heat your entire home just to warm the bathroom – perfect if one member of the household needs to be up and out the door before everyone else wakes up!


No rude awakenings

Another key benefit of CosyFloor is that it’s completely silent.  Central heating systems can be a pretty effective alarm clock in the morning, but with CosyFloor there’s no noise at all – just reliably warm floors to start the day off in comfort.


Space saving

Busy as they are, bathrooms can often be pretty compact.  Forced air systems can limit the way you use the space, but with CosyFloor you can position storage and accessories wherever you want.  It’s a great solution for accessible bathrooms because it frees up space for equipment and mobility aids. And because in-floor heating warms the objects in the room (instead of just the air) you’ll find that all the surfaces in the bathroom are a little less cold too.


Safer bathrooms

Last but not least, CosyFloor has some important safety benefits in the bathroom.  Water spillages on hard floors are an accident waiting to happen, and while mats can soak up splashes, they replace a slip hazard with a trip hazard!  With a heated floor, any spills, splashes or condensation will evaporate much more quickly, making the bathroom a much safer environment for all and potentially eliminating the need for mats.


CosyFloor systems offer a quick and convenient way to install in-floor heating in any home.  To find out more about our smart technology – including our lifetime guarantees, and how to become a CosyFloor distributor, get in touch!

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