Get Kitted Out with CosyFloor

Get Kitted Out with CosyFloor

Electric in-floor heating is one of the simplest, cleanest and most effective ways to heat a home, whether it’s used as a primary heat source or a supplementary one.

In creating CosyFloor, we’ve made it easier than ever for contractors and homeowners to get the benefits of this incredible technology, by making it quick and simple to install, with minimal disruption and no specialist skills required.

But as a flooring distributor or installer did you know that CosyFloor can also reduce hassle BEFORE you even get the product on site?

This is because, unlike many of our competitor products, CosyFloor in-floor heating systems are supplied as innovative and ultra-convenient kits!


Convenient kit format

For CosyFloor distributors, our electric in-floor heating kits can dramatically reduce headaches associated with the maintenance and storage of product inventory.  

As well as being compact and easy to stack, our in-floor heating kits contain all the items and components your customer needs to complete their installation, all in one box.  This includes the required length of our ultra-thin cables or mat; cable fixing strips; a thermostat heat sensor; connection cable; a thermostat of their choice; and a circuit fault detector.  There are no additional components or tools, so you don’t need to worry about storage, and you’ll never run out of anything.

For your customer, it means ultimate convenience too. They simply select the in-floor heating kit they need based on the size of room/length of cable, then grab and go!  There’s no need to check off components on a list and they’ll never arrive on site only to realise something’s missing again – which means they can get on with the job as planned for fast, seamless results.


Lifetime guarantee

Feedback from our customers tells us that once they’ve tried CosyFloor, they never want to go back to their previous brand of electric in-floor heating.  As well as the time-saving convenience we offer for distributors and installers alike, our systems come with rock-solid warranties – two years on our thermostats and a lifetime guarantee on cables – which means complete peace of mind and 100% customer satisfaction.

Why not become a CosyFloor distributor today, and find out how our smart technology and clever kits are helping our customers  to build their reputations and complete more installations in less time?  

For further information,  get in touch – we’re always happy to answer questions or help out on specific projects.

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