5 rooms that love CosyFloor

5 rooms that love CosyFloor

When you think about underfloor heating, you probably picture a hydronic system – a network of pipes laid underneath a concrete screed, suitable only for large-scale installations in new build homes.

But with electric in-floor heating, homeowners are able to access the many benefits of underfloor heating – including reduced heating costs, increased efficiency and better air quality – without the constraints of a conventional hydronic system.

CosyFloor is so versatile that not only can it be easily retrofitted into any home as part of a flooring upgrade, it’s also perfectly adapted to installation in individual rooms where homeowners can get specific benefits as a result of having heated floors. Here’s a look at five individual rooms where CosyFloor can make a big difference as a supplementary heating option.


The bathroom is hands-down the number one location for a CosyFloor installation. Thanks to its ultra-thin cables and mats, it’s easy to install CosyFloor at the same time as the floor tiles, whether they are ceramic, stone or marble. The key benefit of CosyFloor in the bathroom is of course, warm toes – the system banishes chilly floors forever and is easy to operate using the thermostat so you can enjoy warm comfort at any time of the day or night. An added benefit of CosyFloor for the bathroom is that it evaporates splashes and spills quickly, ensuring the floor remains dry and eliminating the risk of slips and falls.

2.Loft Conversions

Converting a loft or attic into extra living space is a great way to make a home work better for its inhabitants as well as adding value to the property. Attic spaces in particular can be chilly in winter so it’s vital to include some form of central heating in the conversion plan – but this can sometimes be tricky. CosyFloor offers an ideal solution for heating attic space that doesn’t involve disruptive changes to the existing ductwork system, or the use of potentially hazardous space heaters. Furthermore, CosyFloor’s cables and mats are so thin that they add little to the finished floor height, enabling you to maximise headroom in your loft conversion.


Hard floors are popular in kitchens due to high traffic. The trend for combining kitchen, living and dining space in one also means that this is where families spend most of their time – but in winter, there may be a reluctance to hang out together in the kitchen because the space feels cold. With CosyFloor, walking around the kitchen barefoot isn’t just a summertime luxury – it’s something homeowners can enjoy all year round! It’s a fantastic solution for family living, especially wi
th young kids around – and has the added bonus of reducing dust and other allergens in the home, as well as helping to keep floors dry.

4.Home gyms

Since the pandemic, more people than ever before have invested in a home workout space – often in a garage or garden building. In summer, there’s no need for heating in the gym – but in winter, freezing temperatures can make the space unappealing. Unlike forced air heating, electric in-floor heating provides gentle, radiant heat that doesn’t dry out the air, making it easier to create a comfortable ambient temperature for those early morning workouts. As an added bonus, CosyFloor will gently warm anything that’s in contact with the floor – which means those metal barbells and other gym gear won’t feel like grabbing a block of ice in winter!


Adding a conservatory, orangery or other garden room is a fabulous way to increase the footprint of a property, delivering added living space and adding value in the process. Typically made from glass, these structures are naturally warm in summer, but in winter they can feel exposed and unwelcoming. It’s easy to install CosyFloor during the construction phase of a new conservatory, and inexpensive compared to adding extra ducts for forced air – but even if your garden room is already built, CosyFloor is a great solution for supplementary warmth that will ensure the space is comfortable and welcoming all year round.

Supplied in a convenient kit form, CosyFloor electric in-floor heating adapts to almost any project, from individual room installations to whole-home systems. To find out more about the benefits of in-floor heating, or to locate your nearest CosyFloor distributor, get in touch!

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