Hello 2022: why the future of in-floor heating is now

Hello 2022: why the future of in-floor heating is now

The arrival of a new year gets everyone fired up to try new things.  

As a business, you’re probably looking ahead and thinking of ways you can offer something new for your customers. Those same customers are probably planning ahead for upcoming home improvements to enhance their lifestyle in 2022 – and CosyFloor could be just what both of you are looking for!

As a flooring distributor, CosyFloor helps you bring something new and exciting to the table.  The sheer convenience and versatility of CosyFloor systems means that the delights of in-floor heating are available to more homeowners than ever before, regardless of whether they’re building a new house or refurbishing an existing property.

CosyFloor also gives your customers more flexibility in terms of their flooring choices.  Maybe they’ve been dreaming of marble or stone floors, but swaying towards vinyl or laminate because they’re worried about the chill factor?  CosyFloor means that their dream floor can be beautiful, durable AND warm at the same time, exceeding their expectations and helping you to deliver complete satisfaction, every time.

Here are some more reasons it makes sense for you (and your customers) to choose CosyFloor in 2022:

Broad compatibility

Unless they’re building a home or undertaking a ‘from scratch’ renovation project, the majority of customers that come through your door probably think they can’t install in-floor heating.  As a CosyFloor stockist, you can introduce them to a whole new world of home comfort!  CosyFloor is installed on top of the subfloor and protected with an uncoupling membrane and layer of thinset, before the customer’s flooring of choice is laid on top.  Our cables and mats are ultra-thin, so the finished floor height is easily accommodated into almost any interior – allowing your customers to achieve thermostatically-controlled warm floors in any room of their home, with almost any floorcovering.

Designed for 21st century living

Today’s consumer is highly discerning.  They’re looking for value and convenience, but also quality – and they’re more environmentally conscious than ever.  CosyFloor’s electric infloor heating systems tick all the boxes on quality, low maintenance, sustainability, affordability and practicality.  Forget hydronic systems that take forever to heat up and cool down – with CosyFloor, homeowners can have luxurious warm floors at the touch of a button, powered by renewable sources and even controlled from their smartphone if they so desire.  It’s a truly modern solution for home heating – and as a stockist, you’re demonstrating you’ve got your finger on the pulse.

Fast, easy installation

Unlike conventional underfloor heating – which requires hot water to be pumped through a network of pipes installed by a plumber – electric infloor heating is much quicker and simpler to install.  Laying the cable and mat itself requires no special skillset, and the final connections and thermostatic controls can be completed by any qualified electrician.  It’s perfectly possible to complete a CosyFloor installation, including the finished floorcovering, in a single day – perfect for busy lifestyles.

Future proofed, zero maintenance

Any system that goes underneath the floor needs to be extremely robust since the collateral damage associated with repairs would be significant.  We’ve designed CosyFloor’s sytems to offer both contractor and customer complete peace of mind, with a lifetime guarantee on our European-manufactured cables and mats, and a two-year warranty on all our thermostats.

Easy inventory and quotations

We’ve made CosyFloor super simple for our distributors to stock, store and sell by adopting an intuitive ‘kit’ system.  Everything the contractor needs to complete a CosyFloor installation is already in the box so there’s no need for fiddly bits and pieces and no risk you’ll run out of components.  Our distributor brochure also includes handy calculator tools so you can see at a glance how much cable or mat is needed for each specific installation, and provide an instant, accurate quotation for the customer for a fast and easy transaction.


If you’re looking to grow your flooring offering in 2022 then CosyFloor is the perfect place to start.  Apply to become a distributor here, or for more information, get in touch.

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