5 key benefits of electric infloor heating

5 key benefits of electric infloor heating

The number one benefit of electric infloor heating is pretty obvious – warm floors!  It’s not difficult to explain to homeowners living in North America why they might benefit from having hard floors that are also warm and cosy during the sub-zero winter months – but is that the only reason to choose electric infloor?

Of course not!

Warm floors (and warm feet) are undoubtedly a huge selling point for CosyFloor’s range of cable and mat-based electric infloor heating, but there are other reasons homeowners may not even have considered when they reach out for advice on installing infloor heating in their home.  Here’s a rundown of five more key benefits that make CosyFloor the smart choice:

1. Sustainability

Since it’s powered by electricity, CosyFloor is a sustainable choice for whole-home heating when compared to systems like oil or gas that rely on fossil fuels.  For owners of existing homes, CosyFloor can reduce reliance on fossil fuels by providing supplementary heating in frequently-used rooms.  CosyFloor can also heat one room or zone at a time, reducing energy wastage.

2. Ease of installation

Many customers who are installing new tile or wooden floors automatically assume infloor heating isn’t even an option for them – unless they want to bring in heavy equipment to excavate their subfloor.  But CosyFloor is installed on top of the subfloor, which makes it a simple, additional step during any flooring project.  The mats & cables are super thin so there’s minimal extra floor height added, and the system is quick to fit so it won’t hold up your customer’s wider installation schedule.

3. Versatile

CosyFloor can be used as a whole-home heating system, or for supplementary heating in individual rooms.  It’s ideal for spaces like the bathroom or kitchen that are used frequently throughout the day, or rooms that tend to be on the chilly side – for example those with a lot of glass.  CosyFloor enables you to zone the heating within your home so for more efficient energy use and greater comfort.

4. Eliminate drafts and cold spots

Convection heating systems rely on internal air circulation to distribute the heat evenly – and this doesn’t always happen.  Depending on the floor plan, the positioning of radiators or the location of windows, doors and ventilation systems, it’s common for homes with convection heating systems to experience drafts and cold spots that prompt homeowners to turn up the heat (and their energy bills).  With radiant heating from your CosyFloor system, the entire floor becomes a heat source that distributes warmth evenly, eliminating cold drafts and allowing the user to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature more easily.

5. Allergy friendly

Infloor heating is often recommended by professionals for people who suffer from asthma or dust mite allergies.  This is because convection radiators are designed to quickly heat up the air around them, which causes that air to rise and circulate in the home – providing an ideal mode of travel for dust mites.  Research shows that dust mites actually love to live inside the nooks and crannies of radiators, hitching a ride to the next room whenever they please as soon as the heating is turned on.  The radiant heat provided by CosyFloor transfers warmth to the air more slowly and naturally, which inhibits the spread of dust, mites, pollen and other allergens.  In addition, CosyFloor is ideal for use with hard floors, which are easy to keep clean – so allergy and asthma sufferers can enjoy a dust-free home without compromising on comfort.


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