Six reasons to choose CosyFloor underfloor heating

With big budget jobs such as bathrooms and kitchens, using quality products is key to getting the best result for your customers. Here’s why CosyFloor is the right choice for underfloor heating:

When it comes to underfloor heating, you need to get it right first time – after all, that bathroom or kitchen is going to be in place for 15 years or more. So using a trusted brand is the answer.

Here are six reasons to consider CosyFloor as your underfloor heating brand of choice for your next customer:

1. You can switch to CosyFloor without having to retrain your installers. That means no extra time and money spent on training – they can just get straight out there and get on with the job you pay them for!

2. CosyFloor heating systems can be used with virtually any floor finish, which allows the customer freedom in their design choices, while still offering the added luxury of underfloor heating.

3. CosyFloor cable is waterproof, making it especially suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. The cable system can be laid in rooms of any shape and features a superior fixing system to enable quick and easy installation. CosyFloor underfloor heating can be used in any number of sizes and layout options, which allows it to be fitted in any shape or size of room. It means you can include underfloor heating in plans for bathrooms, kitchens, mud rooms, hallways, laundry rooms or home offices. With no limits on usage, you can offer your customer the exact specifications they want.

4. The CosyFloor mat system is a great choice when speed of install is of the essence. Simply roll out the mat and hook it up. The cables on the mat are pre-spaced 3” apart, ensuring equal distribution of heat – with no cold spots. The mat includes self-adhesive tape, and is ultra thin, so does not add much height to the finished floor surface. The CosyFloor mat system is also a great choice for standard layouts and large areas.

5. Lifetime warranty. CosyFloor is made in Europe, and is a quality and reliable option, but should there ever be a problem, you are covered by this warranty, so it’s a no-worry option for contractors.

6. You can put the power in your customers’ hands with CosyFloor’s wifi and touchscreen thermostats. The wifi thermostat can be controlled using a smartphone for true convenience. Thermostats can be used to set not only the floor temperature but the air temperature to ensure your customer is in complete control. For those who prefer a more traditional operating system, we also offer a programmable thermostat.

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