Is infloor heating right for every home?

One of the many joys of infloor (also known as underfloor) heating is that it can be used in rooms and homes of all shapes and sizes, upstairs, downstairs – wherever you like! You can install it as widely or selectively as you choose by targeting specific rooms throughout the house, or making every inch of floor-space like walking on an electric blanket. 

While many of us need a bit of help to get up and going in the mornings, hitting icy cold tiles in the washroom is hardly the most pleasant way to do it… and then of course you’ve got to get across the kitchen for your morning coffee…

So, while infloor heating can be used in every room, it’s a particularly popular, reliable and economical choice for communal areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. How widely you install comes down to a few factors:

  • How cold it is throughout the year
  • How cold-sensitive the occupants are
  • Flooring preferences
  • Budget.


Is infloor heating suitable for older homes?

Importantly, infloor heating is not just for new-builds – it can be used in homes of any age. When aesthetics are important, there’s nothing less intrusive than a heating system operating silently under your feet. No furnace kicking in and no unsightly radiators taking up valuable floor space and upsetting the look and feel. What’s not to like?

Electric systems are also fairly simple to retrofit – no need for an insulating screed or even wall channels. They’re also lighter (particularly relevant when it comes to installation in second stories and above) and much cheaper than hydronic systems, with no risk of nasty leaks.  And because the system has an extremely low profile, thanks to slimline cabling, it won’t have much impact on the floor level. 

But timing is everything – making sure eager renovators don’t tile themselves into a corner before they lock-in a heating decision is essential, as no-one has the appetite to rip up a beautiful new floor. 

Costs of infloor heating

Once viewed as an expensive, luxury item – electric infloor heating is increasingly becoming a ‘must-have’ for homes across the country. It’s not just an attractive proposition for shivering homeowners – it’s a huge selling point for future buyers. 

With historic misconceptions about the challenges of installation and huge system costs having been well and truly put to bed, infloor heating is increasingly becoming the solution of choice. Home-owners are reaping the rewards of this flexible, cost-effective and virtually maintenance-free option.  No filters to change, no boiler to repair – no moving parts. Simple.  

For homes with multiple occupants, or under-utilised spaces, it’s particularly efficient. By creating distinct zones, it’s possible to minutely control the temperature in different areas of the home. Drop it a touch in bedrooms and hallways, while making sure tiled areas like bathrooms are pleasantly cosy.

Which debunks any assumption that electric underfloor heating must be expensive to run. Given how quickly the system responds, how rapidly rooms heat, and how precisely we can zone, schedule and control temperatures, there are huge efficiencies to be enjoyed. And with Canada’s cold climate causing us to direct 61.6% of our domestic energy usage into heating our homes – and a substantial 42% on average across the USA – it could not be more important to heat selectively and effectively.

Is infloor heating suitable for all flooring types?

Happily, there’s no need for anyone to feel restricted in their flooring choices. Whether laying natural stone, ceramic or porcelain tiles, or opting for engineered wood , laminate or vinyl flooring, electric infloor heating is the perfect option. 

While some materials, like stone, are of course natural heat conductors, and will warm a little more quickly and hold heat for longer, you’ll get a great result whichever flooring option is chosen. Reassuringly, CosyFloor can be installed under most types of floor covering – contact our team, or the flooring manufacturer for additional reassurance. 

CosyFloor offers both a cable and mat system, depending on the size and shape of the rooms in question. It’s simple to install, heats each space to an individual specification – usually in the region of 65-80 degrees – to keep homes comfortably warm. 

Of course, we know that heat rises, and drops in temperature as it does, so the old-school methods of radiators and heating vents were always up against the laws of physics. Infloor heating uses radiant heat, which primarily warms all solid objects in the room…from our toes up… and from there the air temperature. What this achieves is an even heat distribution – no cold spots! The heat radiates evenly across the floor, heating rooms consistently and effectively. There really is no comparison between the infloor heating experience and more traditional options.

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