Meet the CosyFloor team

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind a brand like CosyFloor, wonder no longer!

In fact, it turns out that it’s not just the product that’s ‘cosy’ – this tightly knit team is the small (but perfectly formed) engine that keeps homes across North America toastie warm, whatever the weather.

Ted Hopkins, CosyFloor Consultant, gives us the inside track on the CosyFloor branch of the ICO family.


CosyFloor customer service

“I’ve been with ICO since 2016 and now work within the CosyFloor team, with my colleagues Karen, Thomas and Katie. The benefit of a small team is that we work together incredibly closely – which allows us to be really responsive to customer needs.

“I work in customer service and sales, which means I know the products – and our customers – inside out. That’s a big help, I find, because there’s nothing worse than asking questions to someone in a call-center who has never even seen (let alone used) the product they’re selling.”


What sets CosyFloor apart from its competitors?

“We talk about how our cabling is manufactured in Europe. That might not sound significant, but it is. The quality of our cable is second to none, and that’s critical because it’s the part you’re relying on.  I haven’t seen any other cables on the market that match the quality of CosyFloor’s.

“We’ve maintained our European manufacturing processes over the years as a commitment to that level of quality – our manufacturing partners are one of many valued business partnerships we’ve nurtured over the years. Because when you’ve got a top-class product, you want to hang on to the right people and partners to maintain that.”


Advice on infloor heating

“Customer experience is absolutely our top priority. We work very hard to ensure the customer knows that they have all the support they need, at the end of the phone. And that’s whether you’re installing CosyFloor, selling it, using it, or quoting it. 

“And, again, because we’re a small team, if you do need technical help, you’re always going to be talking to either me or Katie. You’ll always hear a familiar and knowledgeable voice – and there is no question too simple or too complicated. We’ve heard them all!

“Give us a call and – for one area – we can be back to you within an hour with a quote. It really is that simple.”


Key elements when planning a floor heating project

“It sounds ridiculous, but you do need to think carefully about what you’re actually wanting to achieve. Do you simply want warm and comfortable floors, or are you trying to heat the entire room? These are fundamental questions that have to be answered in the context of the home you’re in and the way you like to live.

“Then there’s the specifics like, what’s the square footage? You need to ensure you’re calculating the AREA HEATED and NOT the wall-to-wall dimensions.  That means a ten-by-ten room will actually need about an 80 sq ft system.

“Also, what voltage do you have? 110V or 220V? Get all that information lined up and then get in touch with us to discuss your options.”


What makes a great infloor heating installer?

“When it comes to installation, it’s all about patience and doing their due diligence with testing the cables.  An installer who really takes the time to ensure the installation is done correctly has nothing to worry about.

“As for how long you can expect installation to take, it of course depends on the size of the project. But, as a ballpark, it would take about 1-2 hour for an average sized bathroom.”


And if that hasn’t answered your questions, you now know exactly what to do …

Call CosyFloor, and ask for Ted – 877 757 8930.